3 Essential Features Your New Real Estate Transaction Software

There’s a lot of documentation that has to take place in the real estate profession. Fortunately, there is software that can help. If your current software isn’t robust enough to keep up with your needs, that’s a sign that you need to invest in new real estate transaction software. Make sure your choice includes these three essential features.

Customer Relationship Management Matters

Creating client files and being able to schedule tasks is key to managing the relationship. Ideally, the software you select will make it easier to track appointments, open houses and other showings, and any financial transactions that take place. This will help you remember when to place calls to a client, when you need to start preparing for an open house, and in general make organizing each day easier.

Keeping the Accounting Organized

Keeping up with what’s done and what’s still outstanding is important. If a property needs to be inspected, have the invoices from the inspectors been scheduled for payment? How about records of any funds received from current agency clients? If your agency also provides property management services, how are things with collecting rent from tenants? The right type of real estate transaction software will have the tools you need to create and manage all the financial accounts associated with the business.

Calculating and Tracking Commissions

The goal of the real estate agent is to connect a buyer with a seller and hopefully bring about a sale. When that happens, the agent receives a commission. How do you track commissions that are pending and which ones have been paid? With the right real estate transaction software, you can tell at a glance how much to pay and when to issue the payment.

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