Advantages Of Dsl Internet Service

Digital Subscriber Line or DSL has several benefits. It provides high-speed internet connection — however, the location of the subscriber plays an important role. DSL internet service is provided over the telephonic connection. It is faster as opposed to the dial-up connections because it makes use of digital modems. Here are some of the advantages of DSL internet connections:

High Speed

DSL is capable of providing internet speeds greater than 100 times of the ordinary dial up connections. But the high speed is dependent over a variety of physical factors. DSL makes use of the unused higher range frequencies of the telephone lines and the digital modems can split the lower and higher frequency signals. Normally, DSL is particularly beneficial for those subscribers that are in close proximity to the ISP’s central office. Yet, VDSL services can counter the distance issue. Therefore, DSL has better chances of future growth than cable networks.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Services

DSL internet service allows the ISP’s to provide their subscribers both symmetric and asymmetric speeds. Symmetric service means that the downloading speed is equal to the uploading speed while latter implies that the downloading speed is faster than the uploading speed. Asymmetric services are beneficial for business where there is a greater requirement for higher downloading speeds.

No Dedicated Line for the Internet

With DSL internet, the telephone line is not engaged while you are using the internet as opposed to the dial-up connections. Both the voice signals and the computer packets can be transmitted at the same time.

Open Line

DSL provides an open line and you can always connect to the internet without tying up the telephone line. Bundled packages are available and the line charges are considerably lowered.

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