Dallas Computer Experts Build Cloud Repository for Business Documents

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A group of Dallas-Forth Worth area computer experts have dedicated themselves to making it easier for local small businesses to communicate with one another. They’ve been deploying private cloud servers that give business managers the ability to upload documents and link to them over the web. According to a recent report, this is far safer than using a conventional public cloud app and it may be faster as well.

Uploading a document to services offered by most of the major cloud providers can be slow if its done at peak usage times. This is because the greatest number of users are attempting to access their files at these times of the day. That can cause severe performance bottlenecks, which is a major issue for businesses that work on time-sensitive projects.

By working with managed cloud solutions in Dallas, TX, small business owners are free to configure their storage repositories on inside of a local colocated data center. These servers are physically closer to the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area, which helps to reduce the amount of lag caused by sending packets to a distant location.

Since they don’t rely on the same technologies used by most of the major players in this space, these managed solutions don’t have many of the same risks associated with them. A majority of the experts involved in rolling out these repositories have even gone on record with the fact that they install hotfixes on a regular basis, thus making them even more secure.

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