Electrical Contractors App: The Benefits

There’s no secret that the internet is making life and work much easier. Many people use smartphones to keep track of appointments, play games, keep in touch with family and customers, and much more. As such, it stands to reason that electricians and their counterparts must have an electrical contractor’s app available to them so that they can streamline their daily operations. Many people wonder what these apps do and how they work, and each one is different. However, they all have roughly the same goal: ensuring that you can make your work a little easier on yourself.

An electrical contractor’s app should focus primarily on compliance, as that is one of the most significant concerns that electricians have. They have to be sure that they are compliant with all federal and local regulations to ensure that they don’t have legal issues or ramifications. Australia requires electricians to keep track of any certification records for five years, while New Zealand requires them to be kept for seven years. It’s essential that you can access that information whenever necessary. With the app’s capabilities, you can store all the information in the cloud and access it anytime and from anywhere.

At QuickSafety, they make it easy to pre-plan your jobs and lodge compliance instantly. You can log all your jobs for the week to ensure that you have a back-up scheduling system. You can also immediately lodge your compliance certificates without having to print and file documents. Their electrical contractor’s app works offline as well, which means you can input the information and upload it when you have network connectivity. In areas where you do have connectivity, you can fill out the form and upload it instantly. Along with such, you can also sync all information across all your devices.

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