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Passwords are essentially critical. They are considered as the key to, well, a lot of things since they hold enough information or very important content. Changing passwords are often done to secure your system from any unauthorized access ranging from simple social media accounts to website content. There are even hacking tutorials available online. The GateKeeper 2.0 technology offers great assurancPassword Protection Softwaree for a password protection software.

Double Resistance

Oftentimes, we stumble upon many password protection apps or software to ensure safety upon our devices. Yet some have only proven to function with bugs or malware, others have fortunately surpassed security standards. One solution to lock your own computer terminal is to avail with a GateKeeper 2.0 device. This wireless technology uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect an installed USB lock in your computer. It functions as a remote-lock control equipped with military grade AES-128 and AES-256 encryption to fully protect your system.

Professional Use

From small offices to healthcare facilities to big IT companies, the device has been trusted with their unique password protection software to relate security over confidential data or company statements since it comes with an auto-lock feature that keeps your computer terminal locked while the device (USB lock) is away.

Easy to Carry

The device is only 10 grams with dimensions of 45mm x 25mm x 6mm. Administrators and desk workers can easily carry the device as a key fob attached to their IDs or bags.

Security is one of the major considerations of companies and businesses. After all, they need to adhere federal law or BCA security policy requiring offices to lock their computers after minutes of inactivity. Have a remote device which secures full protection of their computers without any worry or rethinking if they left it open or locked.

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