Outcome Measurement Tools for the Small Practice

Outcome Measurement Tools for the Small Practice

Patient frustration is understandable. After all, they want to know about their progress, they want to see that they are getting better, and they can feel encouraged at their treatment progression, see goals come in sight. All of these milestones herald progress in their treatment and their journey. In fact, CARF mandates that behavioral health service providers meet standards that lead to optimal outcomes for patients. This means measuring and refining treatment and outcome measurement tools so that the optimal result, provider accountability, and the patient’s best interests are served. Even in small practices, meeting these standards is critical to providing quality care.

Measuring Mental Health Outcomes 101
Sargent College at Boston University outlines the need to measure outcomes for not only the quality as experienced by the patient but for the accountability of the provider. Concerns about the quality of life, appropriate treatment, and continuity of care across systems of care have had a considerable impact on how that care is delivered. In the past 20 years, outcome measurement tools have become a science. One that measures but does not ration the care provided to those suffering from addiction and severe mental disorders that are often comorbid with one another and physical illnesses.

Use the Right Tools
It’s easy to be buried under software, apps, systems, and theories that make the already complicated delivery of mental health care even more so. The key to measuring is not the complexity of the system, but the simplicity. By implementing intuitive software, portable devices, and working to meet CARF standards in behavioral health care, outcomes cannot only be measured but accountability in delivery as well. Work with a consultant and company that can help you simplify your systems and procedures, and improve your overall quality of care to your patients. Reduce patient frustration, and improve patient outcomes.

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