SEO and You: Contracts, Services and What to Do

SEO and You: Contracts, Services and What to Do

SEO services are offered by a wide variety of companies out in the great vastness of the internet these days. Enough so that it’s like hunting for a company to build you an application for your phone—they’re seemingly everywhere. So what can you do to protect yourself from bad SEO work? Search Engine Watch has a few suggestions that you might find helpful.

1. Contact information, an obvious point in getting to know and talk shop with your SEO provider, isn’t something you often think to keep an eye on. However sometimes the inevitable happens and your main point of contact vanishes for no otherwise explainable reason. In these cases an emergency contact is needed, and if the provider you chosen hasn’t given you an one, they might not be your best bet.

2. Does the SEO content actually work? If it does, you’re in good luck! If it doesn’t, you still have to pay the company you worked with. In the world of SEO there is no 100 percent guarantee that the content you’ve asked for will do what you want it to. Keep clear goals in mind, with a bit of flexibility for the chaotic nature of the universe, and have everything down in writing for when your chosen company gets their payment and what conditions might apply.

3. Problems with the provided content should always be met professionally and addressed clearly. In the contract you’ve signed with your provider there should be clearly defined dates and timeframes to deal with a complaint or problem in the delivered work. If there isn’t, get one worked out, or take your business elsewhere. You might be in for a world of trouble otherwise.

4. Contractual agreements are another important piece of the coexistence between your SEO provider and yourself. Set clear dates, or as clear as you can get them, for projects that need SEO services. Make sure both you and your provider have a clear understanding of your expectations; you don’t want to run into any unforeseen pitfalls, after all.

Unfortunately, so long as they abide by the terms of the contract, there isn’t quite so much you can do if your chosen company or provider doesn’t give you want you want. If your contract is breached you may seek legal action if you absolutely must, but thankfully this particular issue is extremely rare when you do the right research beforehand. Be clear, and aware, and you should be fine.

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