The many features of business telephone systems

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Can you remember the days when you would call the switchboard and ask the operator to give you an outside line? Thank goodness those days are long gone, and as a money saver, so is the switchboard operator, perhaps by now she is retired or doing a more important job in the company.

A lot has changed in a very short period of time when it comes to telephony. When you pick up the phone it’s only natural that you can call out, or in, or set up a conference, or listen to your voice mail. There are hundreds of features that are part of modern business telephone systems that were not only unheard of, but unthought-of of a few years ago.

Business relies on reliable phones and communication. Business telephone systems are at the very heart of the communication needs of the company. Sooner or later the inevitable happens, it dawns on the management that the current telephone system is no longer capable of not only doing a good job, but being an integral part of the overall efficiency of the company. Phones today are more than capable of doing what people used to do. Phones can answer themselves, they can take and record messages, they can act as your interface to the internet, they can do just about anything except bring you a cup of coffee.

Manufacturers of business telephone systems offer a wide variety of choices and configurations. Once you plow through all the clutter and actually get down to the nub can you realize just how the system can best provide maximum productivity for a minimal investment. The best system for you is the system that delivers what you need, when you need it. You want the features that you will use, not the features that a brochure wants you to have. No one knows the current needs of a company better than the company itself, furthermore only the company can forecast its future needs. What is important is for the company to get only what it wants at the best possible price.

When you start the development of your “wish list”, it begins with features. There are so many features available on today’s business telephone systems and even within what the manufacturers call standard there are differences. There are also different versions on a theme, some are complicated to use, and others are user friendly. There are manufactures who market their products rather deviously and those that tell you straight up what to expect.

Picking the right system is only part of the process, picking the right retailer is also of equal importance. When the system is installed and you need help, who will you rely on, odds are it’s the retailer you bought the system from. If he needs to go to the manufacturer, that’s up to him, but you don’t want that problem.

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