The Role Of The PHP Developer

In all types of new website features, modifications to existing features or in new program development for website, apps or software, a PHP developer will be involved. Most businesses hiring a website development company won’t specifically ask for these professionals, but they will be one of the members of the team that will create the unique look and features of the site or app.

To understand how important these professionals are and how they work with the rest of the website development team, a closer look at the role that the PHP developer will play in a project is a helpful first step.

Basic Job Description

PHP actually stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, and it is an open-source scripting language used on the server side. As it is open-source, it means that it is available for anyone to use, modify or enhance. This is one of the best scripting languages for website development, and it is fully compatible with embedding into HTML.

Some of the most popular websites in use today operate using PHP. This includes WordPress, which is has expanded beyond a blogging site to include eCommerce and other niche services.

A PHP developer will work with the language to write code that allows a website or an app to perform specific tasks or functions. In most cases, the existing code can be modified to result in the desired change, but there is still the need to test and maintain the source code and ensure it operates correctly.

Specialized Services

Although many PHP development professionals work on websites and applications, they are also essential in programming databases, determining and correcting coding errors in programs and working as part of the development team to address security issues for eCommerce businesses through website and apps.

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