What’s Wrong with Your Phone: Troubleshooting Your Cell Phone

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One moment, you are playing a game on your smartphone; the next moment, your phone freezes up, preventing you from pressing any buttons to correct the issue. You restart your phone manually, losing your place in your game without even knowing what the problem is. It is common to have some issues arise while using any smartphone, but you need to know what the problem is that you are facing.

Too Many Active Applications

One cause for concern is overloading your phone with unnecessary applications at once. While you may only be able to use one application at a time, you should physically clear your active applications on a regular basis. Without clearing out these items, you are using active disk space that can slow down other functions. By eliminating these open windows, your phone will run more smoothly and without lag time.

Multiple Temporary Files

As you use your browser and collect other files, you download multiple temporary files and cookies that remain on your smartphone until they are cleared. These types of files include junk files that are only necessary to access certain websites one time. If you want to clear your cache while increasing your storage space and speed, go to the settings on your smartphone to manage your applications. From that page, you should be able to open applications and clear out your unnecessary data, preventing your computer from lagging.

Installing Applications from External Sources

Every smartphone has access to either the App Store or Play Store, depending on your particular operating system. The compatible application database is the only place you should download new apps for your phone. External sources for downloads run the risk of installing malware on your smartphone, which slowly renders your device useless as it spreads. Download virus protection from your phone’s app store to protect yourself from these threats.

When You Don’t Know What’s Wrong

Sometimes, your device may shut down without notice and become difficult to operate. If you take the steps listed above and still have difficulty accessing your phone, you may need to consult with the manufacturer’s manual online for additional smartphone troubleshooting options. Contact your service provider for additional information about your phone, utilizing your warranty or insurance plan to correct any underlying issues in your smartphone. If all of these processes cannot help, consult with a technician about additional repair options or external memory options to transfer your data.

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