WordPress and a Dedicated SQL Server: The Right Combination!

WordPress and a Dedicated SQL Server: The Right Combination!

WordPress is a powerful blogging tool and content management system that has uses people never even considered back in 2003 when the company first launched. In that time, it has remained one of the top logging platforms, but because it is open source code and has a robust user base, crops of plug-ins sprang up for everything from CEO to e-commerce. Today WordPress is also a prominent player in e-commerce and as a website platform. In fact, Venture Beat notes WordPress powers 30% of all websites. The ease of customizing and updating a WordPress-based site is one of its most popular attractions.

Hosting Your WordPress Site

The debate surrounding hosting is endless. It’s possible to go around in circles for days about the benefits and drawbacks of shared hosting versus VPS. For some small businesses for starting out, shared hosting is the only way to get a website up and running. However, as a company grows, so do its hosting needs. The drawbacks of shared hosting regarding security resources are well known. And despite Virtual Private Server hosting having some of the features of a dedicated SQL server, it is still a form of shared hosting with other entities on the physical server. When it comes to privacy and security for a website or e-commerce shop with increasing traffic, going with dedicated hosting is a no-brainer.

Hosting Know-How

When it comes time to move web operations to a dedicated server, it can be a complicated task to choose the best provider or your company’s needs and budget. Work with a company that specializes in operating dedicated SQL servers. Companies like Planet Hosting understand what small businesses, growing businesses, and enterprise-level businesses need from a dedicated SQL server.

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