3 Common Web Design Pitfalls

3 Common Web Design Pitfalls

It does not matter how good your product is, if your site doesn’t draw people in, it’s done and over with. It sounds cruel, but that’s how impatient the audience has become in today’s world. Web design matters as much if not more than the product or service it’ll be selling, because web design is going to convince your user to stick around long enough to even consider your product. If you are looking for web design services in Plymouth MN, here are the top 3 web design pitfalls you will be avoiding by seeking out such professional service.

Lackluster First Impression

You never get a second chance at a first impression, especially with a website. It’s almost hilarious just how fast a user will make a judgment call on your entire site and the product you’re selling simply on those crucial 5 seconds they spend on your site. And that’s assuming you make it past the first 3 seconds they spend waiting for your site to load before logging off, never to return. You need to make sure your homepage is specifically designed to wow people, to make them decide that this is a site worthy of their time and patience.

Not Guiding the Eye

We usually just want to put the required elements on the site and call it a day, letting the buyer figure things out from there. But this is a bad idea. The user is trusting you to lead their eye like you’re the lead in a tango, ushering them from point of interest to point of interest until they know exactly where to go. Everything in your site should reflect this. Research renaissance era paintings to get a good idea of how to lead the eye through imagery. Whatever the main idea of each page of the site is, the user’s eye should be immediately guided there by every major element on the page.

Too Much Clutter

It’s understandable to want to fill up as much of the page as possible to get across every idea you no doubt have buzzing about in your skull. However, this is a dangerous, self-destructive line of thinking. Less is more, especially in web design. The last thing you want is to crowd the screen as well as the attention of your user, making it impossible for them to focus on any one thing and thus making them focus on nothing. Space is a good thing, it frees up ideas and gives them room to breathe and show themselves completely to the user. So make sure that there’s plenty of space available on the page. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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