5 Things Your Scholarship Management Software Must Have

5 Things Your Scholarship Management Software Must Have

Managing scholarship applications isn’t easy. That’s why scholarship management tools help. If you are handling applications, here are some tips to help you figure out which scholarship management systems fit the bill.

It’s in the Cloud

For many organizations, applications come from all over the world. That means you need a scholarship management software that’s accessible online. That makes it easier for your team to receive the submissions. Online management tools also make it more convenient for everyone to access the files. It’s also possible for them to see the files or modify them whether at the office, at home, or elsewhere.

It Has Customizable Applications

Find a scholarship management solution that comes with customizable templates or forms. That will make it easier for you to set eligibility criteria or create a form better adapted to the target audience of the scholarship program.

It Has an Option for Exporting Data

Generate reports with ease. Find a scholarship management system that allows you to export data. You can get them as spreadsheets, PDF files, CSV files, or other formats. If the data can be exported, that makes it easier for you to analyze the data and arrive at a decision.

It Allows Easy Communication

Some management tools also allow you to communicate with the rest of the team. You can leave advice, comments, or suggestions. Everyone on the team also gets notifications when someone modifies parts of the data. That means no one needs to send emails for updates anymore, saving you and your team a ton of time and trouble.

It Must Be Secure

Make sure the management tool is safe to use. Is it secure against hacking attempts and cyberattacks? You don’t want applicants’ data to end up in the wrong hands. Keep confidential data safe and protected by using secure management tools.

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