Characteristics You Need In An API Developer

Most businesses have some level of online presence. While it may simply be a website that provides information about products or services, most companies now have some type of online activity from ecommerce sites to allow customers to schedule appointments, check tracking or access order records.

All of these individual features and functions require the different programs, apps and platforms are able to interact with each other and exchange information. Creating these rules for communication between different apps and programs is the role of an API developer.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Without this interface, different apps and systems are unable to exchange the information required. By using specific rules designed by the API developer, it is possible to exchange necessary data between apps and software while protecting sensitive information. Finding a professional that understands the security needs,  as well as the APIs, will be critical when designing these exchange rules and protocols.

Custom or Modified Solutions

There are many different APIs already developed and available as third-party solutions. An experienced API developer will know the market and will be able to choose an existing API to use for a given application. If an existing API isn’t suitable, they will be able to develop a unique API or modify an existing option to suit the specific needs of the required exchange of data.

Examples of API

Most websites and apps are already using API technology. This will be an essential part of setting up shipping programs for ecommerce sites and apps, to allow inventory management for online sales and even to integrate accounting services with ecommerce sites.

Through the use of API, third-party platforms such as FedEx, USPS or UPS can all be used for shipping options. Additionally, for streamlining data entry, the API can exchange data between business accounting software, such as QuickBooks, and the sales website. Data exchange is completed in real-time, allowing businesses to monitor, track and analyze data easily and automatically.

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