Myths About Public Cloud Storage

Myths About Public Cloud Storage

There are several different reasons why cloud storage may not be the best idea for all companies. However, there are many compelling reasons why businesses of all sizes should consider utilizing public cloud storage as a secure and cost-effective solution.

The following myths are prevalent about cloud storage, and understanding the reality can help a business to make the best choice to meet their storage needs.

Myth: Public Clouds Are Not Secure

Not all public cloud storage offers the same level of security, that is true. However, many providers offer full end-to-end encryption for all data on the public cloud and also offer layers of security that meet or exceed those used on dedicated servers.

Public cloud providers follow rigid security protocols, automatically update all their servers, and manage all usage proactively to note any change in security protocols across their systems.

Myth: Data Stored In The Cloud Is Accessible To Anyone With Cloud Access

While multiple users have access to the cloud, public cloud storage is secure and isolated from access by other users. In addition, encryption means that any data that would possibly be compromised through a breach is unusable and unreadable to any hackers.

Myth: Cloud Data Can Be Used By Anyone

Similar to the accessibility myth, cloud data cannot be used by the cloud provider. In addition, data in the cloud is constantly monitored and logs are maintained to track when data is accessed and who accessed the file, system, or software.

Public cloud storage offers safe, secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for business. Take the time to talk with a provider and understand the reality of this technology to recognize the potential for your business. Visit for more information.

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