Protect Your Company by Hiring a Cloud Computing Consultant

The transition to cloud storage for several companies began in the early portion of 2011. This trend has been going on for a few years and is projected to remain for many years to come. Maryfran Johnson, the editor-in-chief of CIO magazine, predicts that by 2015, nearly as many tablets will be sold each year as PC’s. Your business needs to be accessible via a variety of platforms. A Cloud Computing Consultant will eliminate the hassle and expense of third-party IT support services. According to CA Technologies, 30 percent of small businesses do not back up their data due to additional expenses and a lack of technical professionals. Modern backups are programmed to backup data one time a day at the end of the business day. Cloud backups are real-time.

The downside of traditional backups is if a PC crashes before the backup is scheduled to run, any data created or changed that day will be lost. Customary backups are done on location and have to be transported to ensure protection. In cloud technology, information is saved when it is generated or altered and transmitted to the cloud immediately. Cloud services reduce your risks. A Cloud Computing Consultant can assist with managed services. Managed services is a simple, cost-effective way of observing all vital components of your computer network. Managed services provide asset tracking, performance reporting, incident reporting, antivirus and antispam, patch management, and remote monitoring support. Managed Services are worth what you pay because they keep you informed about your computer network.

If your computers are lost, stolen, or damaged due to flood or fire, managed services will have essential information to provide law enforcement or insurance claims representatives. Information like the make, model, and serial number of your computers will be maintained and stored with managed services. Your insurance company will need the same information to determine the fair market value of your computers and to thwart insurance fraud. The ability of your business to utilize cutting-edge servers, desktops, and other managed services, such as backup and disaster recovery solutions, is so much less expensive in the long run, than the total cost of ownership and return on investment. The numbers will invariably compel you to move to the cloud. Contact Curtis Burnside, the chief cloud officer at Veritivity, for a free 30 minute consultation.

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