Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

You took your time to create your website maybe by yourself, perhaps with the help of an Orange County branding agency or a digital marketing company. You update your content page along with your business updates on a regular basis. However, the traffic is still at your desired volume. The lack of traffic may cause some businesses to abandon their websites altogether. Abandonment is not the solution to your problems with traffic. Instead, try these simple tricks to help boost up the traffic to your website.

Captivating Headlines

The headlines are the first things that people notice about your articles. In a world where there are millions of articles being published every day, your headlines need to be exceptionally captivating for someone to decide to read the rest of the articles. It shouldn’t sound like clickbait because most people will stay away from anything that seems like click bait. Instead, make it an insightful headline. Be creative and write many headlines before choosing one for your article.  

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a two-way street. For you to have someone guest blog on your site, you more likely have to return the favor. Both businesses will benefit from guest blogs. When someone else writes a post on your site as a guest, it shows people that you’re sociable. It proves that you’re active in your niche and that you have contact.

The other person will also bring in some of his own audience to your site. Make sure that the links are shared across the two sites so that both audiences are aware of the collaboration. When you write for someone else’s site, make sure it’s excellent so others can be interested in having on their sites as well. It will also prompt the other audience to become part of your audience.

Social Media Posts

Promote yourself on social media. Be active in the community by joining in online discussions and posting with known hashtags. Make sure that you link your website to your posts so that people who read the posts can have a way to learn more about you and your business.

Interact with Audience

You need to interact and connect with your audience both on social media and on your website. Make sure that there’s a comment section where your audience can voice their comment. Reply to them and keep it in a friendly way and professional. Remember that everything that you say in the comment section will reflect back on your business and your brand.

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