St. Augustine Web Design Customers Need Ideas and Tips for 2016

St. Augustine Web Design Customers Need Ideas and Tips for 2016

If you own a business website, you will want to keep current on the latest trends and designs for 2016 to keep your site working well for your company. If you are a business owner in the St. Augustine area, you need advice from the St. Augustine web design experts at Marlin Consulting Solutions.

The skilled experts at Marline Consulting Solutions can discuss the latest trends and tips for 2016 that are currently being used in online marketing and are now offered by the St. Augustine web design consultants at Marlin Consulting.

2016 Web Design Trends Are Being Tried by Websites

St. Augustine web design trends include the fact that web designers are not stuck on the same type of menu or navigation system. What works well for one customer may not work for another. There has been lots of experimentation with how to place navigation menus onto a business website to make it the best for customers.

Another trending idea is whether website viewers want to have to deal with a lot of scrolling. Some sites have embraced long scrolls, while others are going with no scrolls at all. It depends on what you are trying to sell or provide, and the expert folks at Marlin Consulting Solutions can take a look at your site and see which method portray your products and services in the best light for easy browsing by your website visitors.

St. Augustine Web Design Methods Vary in 2016

Another big deal in 2016 is that site designs are going modular and they no longer put together layouts for a whole page. They instead use repeated elements on different screens in ways that portray the products and services of our customers and keep continuity throughout the site.

Flat design is becoming more dominant on sites, as can be seen by the recent changes in the Google logo. Cleaner sans serif fonts are appearing that allow for smaller logos that work better and load much faster for mobile website users. If this interests you for your mobile site, then speak with some of our experts at Marlin Consulting Solutions by making an appointment to talk with our skilled experts.

Tactile, Dynamic Designs are Hot in 2016 for Websites

Another new design trend is called material design, which is a more tactile and dynamic kind of website feature. It’s brand new and another thing that our skilled experts have begun to try out on business sites that involves things like more realistic looking shadows, overlapping items, etc.
Plus, no more stock elements or stock photos on websites, as website designers now know that sites work better when they are more personalized and people use their own videos and pictures. So, if this sounds like something you want to learn more about for your business website, contact the St. Augustine web design experts at Marlin Consulting Solutions today.

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