What Should Your SEO Expert Do?

If you are a business leader and have any online sales, you have probably heard and read that you need to have an SEO expert to assist your online team. However, you may be wondering just what these experts do that is different than what your current online development, marketing, and sales team is able to handle.

The reality is that SEO is more than just choosing the best keywords and ensuring they show up in a specific place on a website. Rather, today SEO is a comprehensive approach to all your marketing including SMM (social media marketing) as well as traditional websites and online campaigns.

Making the decision to hire an SEO consultant shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery as to how this professional is going to make changes that have a positive impact on traffic to your site. Asking questions and ensuring you understand what and why specific recommendations are being made will be beneficial for the entire time for future SEO considerations.


Keywords are not a unique concept, and your online sales and marketing team have probably developed a list of keywords and phrases using a program such as Google keyword analytics or something similar.

However, an SEO expert will go beyond these basics to also discover the alternative keywords that are most used to get to your website or social media sites. Additionally, there will be a comprehensive review of what your competitors are using and how people are searching to find their website, all which is essential to consider.

Content Development

In many cases, content on a website or through a social media marketing program may not be effective in bringing in customers and, more importantly, in boosting the conversion rate once they arrive.

With an SEO consultant in place, content that is relevant, engaging and motivates viewers to go deeper into your site, to sign up for newsletters and emails, or that keeps them returning is essential to move your site up the search engine rankings and keeping it there.

Linking to Top Sites

Developing links to top websites, as well as linking internally in your site, is another service provided by a top SEO expert. This is not a simple task, and it requires a good understanding of what SEO engines are looking for as well as what credible links would be given your industry and your particular business niche.

Any of the best SEO experts will provide a host of other services to give your company the online presence it needs. Since this is a highly specialized area of online marketing, bringing in a specialist is a simple way to build your internal competency in SEO for the future.

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